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Hi my name is Clemens


What can I build?

Simple, fast, good-looking and SEO friendly websites

Simple web applications like a blog

High standard, performant and scalable single standing web applications

RESTful APIs and the frontends for web and cross platform mobilea applications

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RESTful web services / APIs

MySQL / PostgreSQL



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Visual Studio Code



NPM and Yarn





Some of my work

ReactJS Reference

Online Shop

*** Important Note: This is a portfolio project. It's hosted on Herokus free service. The initial loading time could be increased because Heroku puts the apps in a sleep mode after inactivity.***


Frontend: ReactJS with Redux, Styled Components, Reselect, Saga, Hooks, Router, Redux Persist, Redux Thunk and Axios.

Database and Authentification: Firebase for authentication and serving the shop data.

Backend: NodeJS for payment processing via Stripe.

I made this project to showcase a modern shop solution on high-end enterprise level. This shop is highly customizable and easily converted into a mobile application as well.
Changing the backend to Django or Flask would empower this application even more and would lift it to a top nodge shop application.


Django Reference CRUD

A Django CRUD example: My website

This website is a small example for a Django (backend) - Next.js (frontend) CRUD operation.


Frontend: ReactJS with it's library for Server Side Rendering Next.js, Styled Components and Isomorphic Unfetch to call the API.

Database: PostgreSQL

Backend: A Python based RESTful API made with Django to create, read, update and delete the posts.

It is still work in progress, especially in terms of performance but it I will definetly exchange the dev website with this one within the next couple of days.

Visit GitHub

HTML, CSS and SEO Reference

Mirage Cosmetics

My first Client. The studio is right around the building where I grew up.


Frontend: Pure HTML(5), CSS(3) and just a little bit of JavaScript

Backend: A backend for this simple website wasn't necessary. Even Though an online booking tool would have definitely been possible Mrs. Migunov decided against it.

The objective of this website was clearly structured. The website should be rebuilt in the same style of her old website with the difference that the contents should be structured SEO friendly. Limited through a certain budget we came up with this solution.
The objective obviously succeeded. The Mirage Cosmeticstudio is found on google page #1 on every beloved keyword.


JavaScript and Webflow Reference


Originally started as a painter but made his way to an informal interior architect.


Frontend: HTML and CSS code was developed in the Webflow CMS. After exporting it the homepage turned into a huge JavaScript playground.

Backend: Since it's just a representational website there was no backend required.

The objective of the website was to create something special which reflects his creativity. Performance and SEO were the 2nd priority.

The website was made to bring a "wow-effect" like his work. Tell me:
Did you have a "wow-effect" visiting that website?


Webdesign for a simple HTML and CSS3 Homepage

Natalia Nezlaw - Gynecologist

Natalia Nezlaw is a gynecologist in the south of germany.


Frontend: HTML and SCSS.

Backend: Since it's just a representational online business card there was no backend required.

The objective of the website was to develop a GDPR compliant online business card so her clients can check the opening hours and services.

The special thing about the website is, that Mrs. Nezlaw had issues with the GDPR law in germany so she wanted a simple and fresh design without any kind of scripts or cookies to formally represent her services.


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whatsapp: +491520 308 0947

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